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Release date : December 1st 2023
Band : Spell of Enchantress
Genre : Traditional Blackened Gothic Doom
Release type : Album
Album title : Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone
Number of Tracks : 9
Total length : 52 minutes
Composer :  Sermilion, Cathy Isot
Lyrics : Sermilion, Cathy Isot
Lyrics language : English, French
Singles released : Lost Prophecy, Elegy of Sorrow, Spell Of Enchantress

Spell of Enchantress, the European Blackened Gothic Doom powerhouse duo formed in 2021 by metal composer Sermilion and French Gothic Operatic Soprano Cathy Isot, released their eagerly awaited debut album, “Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone,” on December 1st, 2023.

Spell of Enchantress aims to revive the 90’s Gothic Doom genre, with its own signature blend of harsh death metal male growls and angelic female operatic soprano vocals. With lyrics about loss, grief, and redemption, delivered in both English and French, they proudly draw inspiration from legendary bands such as Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Draconian, and Cradle of Filth.

In 2022, Spell of Enchantress released two singles, “Lost Prophecy” and “Elegy of Sorrow,” which resonated deeply with the gothic metal community. On February 10th 2023, the band released their third single, “Spell Of Enchantress,”, setting the stage for the highly anticipated debut album.

Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone” was composed in a world grappling with the aftermath of a pandemic.

The nine songs of the album weave a dark tale of a terrifying female divinity navigating through the depths of anger, passion and loneliness, haunting the world in search of emotional preys and ultimately finding redemption by embracing her inner light.



01 – Rain
02 – Lost Prophecy
03 – Elegy Of Sorrow
04 – Soul Keeper
05 – Interlude
06 – Spell Of Enchantress
07 – Regrets
08 – My Lost Lenore
09 – Eternal Gesture

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