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Band Biography

Band Members

Cathy: Operatic Soprano
Cathy is a French goth and a classically trained singer.

As a child I was always singing. I was lucky to enter public music school in Paris at 4 years old.
I studied jazz transverse flute, music theory and classical singing as choir member and lead soprano.
I left music school at 16. Around that time, I discovered gothic music with The Cure, Theatre of Tragedy and Tapping the Vein.
I also fell in love with black metal listening to Hyposcrisy, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir.

I love literature and poetry in English and French, and all things DIY.
I am also a professional hair and make-up artist.

Find my solo music under In Spite of Thunder
Sermilion Composer Spell of Enchantress

Sermilion: Metal songwriter and extreme vocalist.

I always liked music but never imagined writing music myself.
It seems like a superpower that only chosen people possess.
Hence, I never even tried to make my own music till I was 19, but due to lack of time and financial resources I did not succeeded.
In 2020 I decided to give up on music altogether as over the years I did not get good at even playing guitar.
I decided to sell my guitar and focus on other things.
But next morning something changed in me and I went all in. I found a sound engineering school, hider an extreme vocals teacher and started making music almost everyday, like there is no tomorrow.
Since then, almost two years later I have wrote over 100 songs of various genres of Metal music and released 7 albums to major music streaming services.
My primary music style is Melodic Death Metal, but I also have Gothic, Metalcore and Nu Metal albums among other genres.
I love music of all genres and you will never catch me ashamed of listening to a certain artist that is not “Metal enough” or whatever else is uncool. Good music is good music regardless of genre.

Find my solo music under Sermilion
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