Spell of Enchantress is a Blackened Gothic Doom Metal Band, inspired by Tristania, Draconian and Cradle of Filth.

Traditional Blackened Gothic Doom Metal Band Spell of Enchantress just released their second single Elegy of Sorrow!

With death metal growls answering operatic female vocals and lyrics in English end French, brutal guitar riffs and haunting melodies, we hope to revive the style for fans of old Tristania, Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy
and Cradle of Filth!

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Lost Prophecy is the first single:
Prepare for melodic metal guitars, brutal growls and dramatic operatic soprano vocal.

Spell of Enchantress was formed in 2021 by composer Sermilion and soprano Cathy (In Spite of Thunder). Read more about us in our Biography here !

We are currently recording our third single and preparing our first album !
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