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Spell of Enchantress is a European traditional Blackened Gothic Doom metal band formed in 2021.

Official visuals for Gothic Doom Metal band Spell of Enchantress first album Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone

Spell of Enchantress Unveils Highly Anticipated Debut Album:
“Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone”

Spell of Enchantress, the European Blackened Gothic Doom powerhouse duo formed in 2021 by metal composer Sermilion and French Gothic Operatic Soprano Cathy Isot, is set to release their eagerly awaited debut album, “Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone,” on December 1st, 2023.

Spell of Enchantress aims to revive the 90’s Gothic Doom genre, with its own signature blend of harsh death metal male growls and angelic female operatic soprano vocals. With poetic lyrics about loss, grief, and redemption, delivered in both English and French, they proudly draw inspiration from legendary bands such as Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Draconian, and Cradle of Filth.

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Spell of Enchantress, le duo européen de Gothic Doom formé en 2021 par le compositeur de metal Sermilion et la soprano lyrique gothique française Cathy Isot, s’apprête à sortir leur très attendu premier album, « Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone », le 1er décembre 2023.

Spell of Enchantress cherche à raviver le genre Gothic Doom des années 90, avec son mélange de growls de death metal masculins et d’envolées lyriques féminines. Avec des paroles sur le deuil, le chagrin et la rédemption, délivrées en anglais et en français, ils s’inspirent fièrement de groupes légendaires tels que Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Draconian et Cradle of Filth.
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Téléchargez le dossier de presse complet avec visuel de l’album et Mp3s ici Dossier de Presse {Gothic Doom} Spell of Enchantress – Lost Prayers Of Those Forever Gone

Fourth single Soul Keep

Spell of Enchantress just released its fourth official video.
This time, admire the beauty of gothic architecture with stunning footage of the Quimper Cathedrale in France while listening to haunting Blackened Gothic Doom!

New Third single Spell Of Enchantress

Spell of Enchantress third single Spell Of Enchantress was released on Bandcamp on February 3rd 2023 and made available on all streaming platforms on February 10th 2023.
Spell Of Enchantress is about a creepy female divinity haunting the world looking for emotional preys to feed from, a metaphor for all the energy vampires we stumble upon in daily life.
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Second single Elegy Of Sorrow

Spell of Enchantress released second single Elegy Of Sorrow on all platforms on August 19th 2022.
Elegy Of Sorrow is about hiding one’s sorrow and grieving.

First single Lost Prophecy

Spell of Enchantress first single Lost Prophecy was released on Bandcamp on February 3rd.
It was released on all platforms on March 18th 2022.
Lost Prophecy is about feeling empty and desperate in a world that seems hopeless.


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Lost Prophecy was first aired on The Metal Show by Gareth Endean on ERB radio on March 4th and 5th 2022.
Replay available on Mixcloud :
Elegy of Sorrow was aired on
– The Metal show by Gareth Endean on March 4th 2022.
– Women of metal on August 14th, 21st and September 10 2022.
– Insane Realm Radio Unleash the Furies on January 13th 2023.
– the FFMOE show on January 16th 2023 and January 23rd 2023.


Dark and beautiful gothic doom! A must buy! Looking forward to a full album.
(Bandcamp Fan)

It sounds excellent. It’s multidimensional in that it’s operatic, atmospheric in partis and the death metal vocals too. It actually reminds me of the Katatonia -Dance in December Souls album. It gives off quite the gothic vibe.
(Instagram Fan)

There is the ethereal beginning similar to latter day Kind Diamond, then it kicks into heavier transition accompanying the clean vocals. There’s even a hint of ‘Blood Incantation’. (Instagram fan)

Band Members

Cathy: Operatic Soprano.

Cathy is a French goth and a classically trained singer.
As a child I was always singing. I was lucky to enter public music school in Paris at 4 years old.
I studied jazz transverse flute, music theory and classical singing as choir member and lead soprano.
I left music school at 16. Around that time, I discovered gothic music with The Cure, Theatre of Tragedy and Tapping the Vein.
I also fell in love with black metal listening to Hyposcrisy, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir.
From 2004 to 2018, I composed several unpublished albums in various genres : electro, acoustic guitar, piano ballads… Many people told me I couldn’t sing and my music was shit and for too long I believed them.
Then in 2018 I decided to test the waters and try to release some music, just to see how to do it.
I released a singer-songwriter album called For the restless. Due to the poor audio quality of the recording, I ended up withdrawing it from platforms, and releasing the acoustic piano version instead.
I took a lot of classes : singing, songwriting, music business… and started composing more songs.
In 2021 I collaborated with Sermilion on Lost Prophecy and we loved the music we were making so much we decided to form a band. It was heartwarming to see so many people ask us for an album, so we started working on our first album.

I love literature and poetry in English and French, and all things DIY.
I am also a professional hair and make-up artist.

Find my solo music under In Spite of Thunder
Sermilion Composer Spell of Enchantress

Sermilion: Metal songwriter and extreme vocalist.

I always liked music but never imagined writing music myself.
It seems like a superpower that only chosen people possess.
Hence, I never even tried to make my own music till I was 19, but due to lack of time and financial resources I did not succeeded.
In 2020 I decided to give up on music altogether as over the years I did not get good at even playing guitar.
I decided to sell my guitar and focus on other things.
But next morning something changed in me and I went all in. I found a sound engineering school, hider an extreme vocals teacher and started making music almost everyday, like there is no tomorrow.
The story behind Spell Of Enchantress is a very interesting one. Back in 2020, I started making my first music. I told myself that I would compose music of all genres that I love, and make the songs not better than any of the existing ones, but exactly what I want them to sound like. So that each song makes me feel that feeling, when you hear that one song that just hits, and you listen to it for months. With that in mind, I found a sound engineering school and an extreme vocals couch. I started making my first music and created a project called Sermilion. My first music was Alt. Rock/Metalcore. I wrote a full album called Digital Dream. I don’t know what other people thought about it, but I listened to it, probably too many times. And still, listen to it to this day. 
Then one day I was thinking about Tristania – one of my absolute favorite bands in the world (well, the first 4 albums). I thought to myself that it is incredibly sad that no one makes music like this anymore—even the Tristania itself. And then, of course, they disbanded, to add salt to the wound. I set a goal to make a tribute album to Tristania if you will. I wrote 8 songs that were heavily inspired by Tristania and called it Spell Of Enchantress. Well, one of the songs, Eternal Gesture, was inspired by Saturnus. I remember thinking that Spell Of Enchantress was such a great name and reflects that 90s Gothic Metal spirit. That album was still under Sermilion. Later, after the sad news that Alexi Laiho died, I wrote a whole album called After Midnight. Now my music profile consists of Metalcore, Gothic Metal, and Melodic Death Metal albums. It was then, that I started splitting my music by genres and calling them different names. 
Shortly after, I met my bandmate, Cathy, who fit perfectly to be a part of the whole Spell Of Enchantress album. We collaborated on one song, which was from that album. It was a song called Lost Prophecy. After we finished the song, it was clear that we had continued working together, and the name Spell Of Enchantress was right there. This was the birth of the band called Spell Of Enchantress. We have re-recorded almost all of the songs from the original album, incorporating Cathy’s vocals, modifying song structures to fit new vocals, and adding a few new pieces to have our first album ready.
Since then, almost two years later I have wrote over 100 songs of various genres of Metal music and released 7 albums to major music streaming services.
My primary music style is Melodic Death Metal, but I also have Gothic, Metalcore and Nu Metal albums among other genres.
I love music of all genres and you will never catch me ashamed of listening to a certain artist that is not “Metal enough” or whatever else is uncool. Good music is good music regardless of genre.

Find my solo music under Sermilion