Seether’s Broken Gothic Doom Cover by Spell of Enchantress

In February 2024, Spell of Enchantress released a video cover on Youtube for Broken, a classic rock ballad originally by Seether featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence.

Here is a little backstory on how we decided to record this song!

The original song

The original song was released in 2002 by South African rock band Seether. It was then re-recorded and re-released in 2004 featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence.
This song was a massive hit when I was in my early twenties and made me fall in love with Seether.
It has those delicate acoustic guitar arpeggios, beautiful lyrics sung by Shaun Morgan and the post apocalyptic video was amazing.
Here is the video of Broken by Seether featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence :

Creating the cover

Now since the release of this song, I’ve sung quite a few Evanescence covers (My Immortal, Lithium…) and my fair share of Seether ones (Nobody’s praying for me might be in is the work), but I never really thought about doing this one. Maybe because it was so famous and everyone else had done it.

A few months back, we were doing press with Spell of Enchantress for the release of our first album. During an interview we realized we both loved Seether. And we thought : why not try a gothic doom version of Broken? We got to work really quickly and I think it took us a week to finish the cover.

Now when you sing such a famous song, you know critics will be prompt to destroy your rendition.
So early on I decided to do my own version of the vocal line. My voice is nothing like Amy Lee’s and I wanted to avoid trying to sound similar to her. Everyone’s comments were really nice so that is a relief!

Gothic Doom cover of Broken by Seether

Creating the Youtube Video

As usual I shot and edited the video. I used a pale yellow dress I made out of old bedsheets and vintage lace and a vintage cream lace veil. I hope in time we can get professional videos!


We are over the moon people like our cover so much!

Which song should we cover next?
What is your favorite Seether or Evanescence song, if you like them?
Let us know in the comments!

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